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Below is a list of the Enquiries that are available for you to request. Please make a selection and click the Next button to continue.
Contracts Register from July 1 2010Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009, details of all contracts that Council enters into are entered into the Contracts register
GIPA Act - Disclosure LogUnder the GIPA Act, the following formal access applications have been determined which contain information that may be of interest to other members of the public
Natural Heritage RegisterThe Willoughby City Council Local Government Area has many natural heritage places and items, such as trees and natural vegetation, fauna habitat and geological features. Protection and management of these places and items has become increasingly important to the local community and therefore to Council.
Voluntary Planning AgreementsVoluntary Planning Agreements since 2008

Please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 9777 1000 should you have any queries.